This article explains how to update your payment information (such as your credit card expiration date) for your QuickBooks Desktop products and services.

Note: If you don't have any existing credit cards or EFT's on file, please contact support to add the first one. Otherwise, follow the steps below to update or change an existing payment method.

Detailed Instructions:

To update your credit card information on file, choose the option that applies to your situation:

  • If you know your customer and subscription number:
    • Visit to update your payment information on a secure website
    • Note: Updating your payment information does not clear any outstanding balances.
      • If you have an outstanding balance at the time of updating your payment information, the outstanding balance will be cleared on your next billing date. You do not need to call in. Please note, you may still receive missed payment notices from Intuit until your next billing date when your balance is fully cleared. 
      • If you have missed two payments in a row and your license has been deactivated, you will need to contact QuickBooks Desktop support to settle the balance now and reactivate your license.
      • Your updated payment information will be applied to future billing statements
  • If you do NOT know your customer and subscription number:

To switch from credit card payments to pre-authorized payments, complete the Pre-Authorized Payment Authorization form