What is happening?

I've upgraded to a new version of QuickBooks and I can't see my customer's credit card numbers.


Why is this happening?

Beginning with QuickBooks 2010, we added the Customer Credit Card Protection feature which helps to keep this information more secure. When you upgrade, if you don't see your customer's credit card information, it may be because you don't have the proper permission to see it.


How to fix the problem in QuickBooks

Review the permissions set up for you and your employees. Make sure the people who need to see your customers' credit card numbers have the permission to do so, and that they've created a complex password for this permission. Note that this password changes every 90 days.

  • To check permissions of your users, go to the Company menu, select Set up Users and Passwords, and click Set Up Users. If you want this user to be able to see your customer's credit card info, on the Sales and Accounts Receivable section, make sure "View complete customer credit card numbers" is selected.
  • You might also remove permission to view your customers' credit card numbers from those employees who don't need it.


For more detailed information on changing permissions to view credit card numbers, search for 'Assign or remove permission to view full customer credit card numbers' in the Help in QuickBooks.

Tip: You can also create an External Accountant user for your accountant which gives them access to everything 'except' customer sensitive data such as credit card numbers.