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Enable pop-ups for QuickBooks Online Resource Hub

Attention:  If you've already enabled pop-ups, and you've landed on this article after printing using Google Chrome, it's likely because you clicked on the link that says "Please respond to the small pop-up window to continue..."

In order to see the print window, minimize the larger dimmed one or check your taskbar for the other window where the pop-up likely is.  Then close this tab if you don't need it.  If you need to enable pop-ups, read on.

If you get a message that links to this KB article, then our system has detected that you have pop-up blockers enabled.  Also, if you click a button or link and nothing happens, that normally means our pop-up windows are being blocked.  

QuickBooks Online requires that pop-up blockers be disabled for our site since many of the tasks you'll be performing are performed in these windows. QuickBooks Online will not have pop-up ads or other unwanted material in our application; these messages are working elements of the program.

Click the name of the browser you're using to be directed to the instructions to turn off the pop-up blocker: