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Troubleshooting printing in Windows

IMPORTANT:  We are aware of an issue with the Print Preview option when using Chrome version 42.

This issue causes the Print Preview to download in Chrome as a *.pdf file, OR appear completely blank, OR do nothing at all.

If you are experiencing this issue, try these steps:

  1. Launch Chrome and open a New Tab or New Window.
  2. Type chrome://plugins into the address bar:
  3. Look for the plugin titled Chrome PDF Viewer.
  4. If the plugin is grayed out click the link to Enable it.
  5. Close Chrome and reopen.
  6. Attempt to use the Print Preview in QuickBooks Online.

This article focuses on links for solutions to printing issues in Windows.

For printing issues in Mac OS X, see: 

If you are receiving an error or other undesired behavior when printing, click the link below that best describes the kind of issue you're seeing:

If your document prints but the output from the printer is wrong, click the link below that best describes your issue:
Additional Printing Resources