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Quickbooks FAQ

How to create a mailing list using the mail merge feature of MS Word

Below are instructions to create a mailing list and labels using the Contact List reports in QuickBooks Online, MS Excel and MS Word. These instructions may vary dependent on the Microsoft Office Excel or Word versions that you may have.  So, you may want to use the Help File in MS Excel or Word for more accurate instructions.

PLEASE NOTE:   From this point forward, We offer the steps below with MS Word as a workaround but are unable to provide technical support for that product or Excel.  Therefore, if you have any difficulty with this process, you will need to contact Microsoft technical support.

Mail Merge List in QuickBooks Online

  1. Choose Reports from the menu on the left. 
  2. In the "Go to report"  field enter the name of the report  ie Vendor Contact List or Customer Contact List
  3. Select the report
  4. Click Customize next to the report.
  5. Click the Change Columns button.
  6. Add Full Name and any applicable address information you need to the Selected Columns area.
  7. Click OK, and then Run Report.
  8. Click the Excel button at the top of the report, and save the report to your desktop.

Next, follow these steps in Microsoft (MS) Excel:

  1. Open the report that you saved to your desktop.
  2. Delete all header rows from the spreadsheet, leaving only column headings.
  3. Delete any extra leading columns to the left of the Full Name column.
  4. Review all records (rows) to make sure both Full Name and Billing Address are populated with data for each customer.
  5. Delete any rows you will not be using in the address field (you do not need both billing and shipping).
  6. Go to File, and then Save As. Save this spreadsheet under a different name, such as CustomerList.xls, to your desktop.

To create a mail merge template:

Review the Help Index (F1) in your specific version of MS Word. The following steps vary depending upon your version of MS Word.

  1. Open MS Word, and open a new (blank) document.
  2. Click Tools. 
  3. Select Letters and Mailings, and then Mail Merge.
  4. Under "Select document type," click Labels.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click Label Options to select the printer and the type of label.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Under "Select recipients," click Use an Existing List
  9. Click Browse, and find the CustomerList.xls you saved to your desktop.
  10. On the pop-up window for Table, Make sure check mark is in First Row of Data Contains Column Headers.
  11. On the pop-up window for Mail Merge Recipients you should see your recipients listed in a table. Mark the records you wish to print.  Check for duplicates.
  12. Click Next.
  13. In the Arrange Your Labels view, click on More Items.
  14. Set the Insert Merge Field pop-up window as follows:
    1. Set Insert Option to Database Fields.
    2. Click Full Name and Insert.
    3. Click Billing Address and Insert.
  15. Click Close.

Now, working directly in the preview document, with the address field highlighted, you may click next to the address field, and use the enter key. Then the address field will be placed underneath the name field.

For Example:

Steps to Replicate labels:

  1. Click Update All Labels in Mail Merge Toolbar.
  2. Click Next (Preview your labels).

You should now see the document loaded with your customer data in a label format.