Credit card transactions' batch is delayed or appears past the batch close cut off time.

Although we strive to fund transactions within 3 business days, some bank and financial institutions will delay funding based on their systems and policies.

If a transaction or batch has been delayed, please check the status of those funds with your financial institution first.

If this is not the case, see the information below.

If there are returns, refunds or credits in a batch for transactions that occurred prior to that processing date, or if the total dollar amount of the transactions exceeds a preset threshold (may vary depending on business), then the associated batch(es) will be delayed or suspended up to six calendar days.

Additionally, any action required by us to verify a transaction or investigate a dispute will also cause delays in funding. If you believe this is the case and need more information or would like to inquire about a delay in a transaction or batch, please contact us at 800-558-9558.