MI Registration and Electronic ervices Enrollment Steps

    1. Register with Michigan Treasury Online (This is a one time only activity.)

      a. Go to https://mto.treasury.michigan.gov.
      (If you have already registered and created a profile, skip to Step 2.)
      b. If you've never created a profile, Select the blue Create a User Profile button.
      c. Set up your User ID and Password.
    2. Register your business with the state (only if you have not previously done so).

      a. Go to https://mto.treasury.michigan.gov and select account Log In.

      b. Enter your new MTO User ID and Password.

      c. Select Log In.

      d. Begin Creating your business relationship by selecting Create a New Business Relationship.

      e. Select I don't have an FEIN.

      f. Select start an eRegistration.

      g. Follow the prompts and fill out the information to complete the eRegistration.

  1. Upon completion of the eRegistration, you will need to email us at tax_eservice@intuit.com with the following information:

    The current filing frequency that the agency assigned your company and provided to you.

    • Monthly, Quarterly or Annually

    The business ownership type you selected when you registered with the state.

    • Individual Owner, Husband/Wife Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Partnership, LLC--Sole Proprietor, LLC-Partnership, LLC- S Corporation, LLC-Wholly owned by another entity, Michigan C Corporation, Michigan Corporation-subchapter S, Foreign C Corporation, Foreign Corporation - Subchapter S, Trust or Estate, Investment Club, Fraternal Organisation or Other

    A list of business taxes you are currently registered for with the state of Michigan.

    • Cigarette/Tobacco Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Flow Through Withholding Tax, Health Insurance Claim Assessment, Michigan Business Tax, Motor Fuel Tax, Sales Tax, Use Tax and/or Withholding Tax


What to expect

Once you have successfully completed these steps and provided the necessary information regarding your account, your e-services enrollment will then be completed within 2 business days.