The is a one-stop page where you can update your credit card for product purchase, cancel a product or service, or manage your account information. It is designed to help you access and manage all your products and services.

The My Company window in QuickBooks Desktop normally shows all of your apps, services, and subscriptions. Sometimes, however, some apps and services may not appear in the window because design limitations prevent QuickBooks from showing the information, or you may subscribed to an app or service using a different customer account than the one associated with your QuickBooks Desktop company file.  CAMPS is a great place to see all your services.

Tasks you can perform through the page include:

  • Updating your contact information
  • Managing contacts on your account
  • Finding your license details
  • Downloading your software (for QuickBooks Desktop)
  • Reactivating canceled service or subscription… and more

Various access points including Google search makes it easy for you to land on this page.

Sign in with your user ID and password. If you are not sure what your login credentials are:

  1. Select I forgot my user ID or password.
  2. Enter your user ID, email address, or phone number to recover your account.
  3. Set a new password. As an added security, you may also be prompted to enter a six digit code that is sent to your email or cell phone.

After successfully logging in, you will be directed to the page which lists all your Intuit products.

User-added image

To get started, select your specific product tile.

  • QuickBooks Desktop: Opens a page that lists all your Desktop products and services and provides you with your account and payment details. To learn more about navigating this page, see Use the Customer Account Management Portal Site (CAMPS)
  • QuickBooks Online Accountant: Directs you to your QBOA Account page where you can manage your clients and update your account information.
  • QuickBooks Online: Directs you to your QBO Account page where you can see and manage your personal and billing information.
  • QuickBooks Payment: Takes you to a page that allows you to see all your payments account and provides you with an overview of the charges and fees based on the account selected. When you select the Payments Service Centre button, you will be directed to your Merchant Centre.
  • Intuit Online Payroll: Directs you to your Intuit Online Payroll account.

If your account is found but there are no products listed –OR– if one of your products is missing, the page gives you the option to search for another account using the email address associated with it. To do this, select Find by email or Sign In.

To manage your account, go to the upper left section which displays your email address and lets you select My profile link, Sign out and the Help icon.

The My profile link directs you to the Edit Your Login Info page where you can choose from the three tabs available:

  • Profile: Allows you to edit information such as your Name and User ID
  • Security: Lets you change password and add cell phone number for your account.
  • Apps: Helps you manage all your connected products and authorised applications.

The Help (question mark) icon directs you to the Intuit Learn and Support page.