Make payroll tax payments to settle taxes due in your Online Payroll account. This is to avoid penalties due to late payments.

Pay taxes using our electronic services

To pay taxes electronically, you must enroll to our electronic services first. To enroll and activate electronic services, see Enroll to e-file and pay taxes electronically for more details.

Ensure that your bank account has sufficient funds to cover the tax payment before you create and approve it. This is to prevent your payroll account from being on hold due to insufficient funds. Also, Intuit does not manage an impound account on your behalf for electronic payments.

To pay taxes electronically:

Pay taxes directly to the federal and state agencies

Pay your taxes directly to the federal and state agencies if:

  • You are not signed up for our electronic services
  • You are using Intuit Online Payroll Basic
  • Intuit does not support electronic services for your state

Not Supported