Learn how to downgrade your QuickBooks Online Essentials or Plus subscription.

Do you need to downgrade your QuickBooks Online Essentials or Plus subscription? We show you how and list potential issues with downgrading.

Before you downgrade

Before you downgrade your subscription, consider the following:

  • Multi-currency— If you have multi-currency enabled on your company file, you won't be able to downgrade.
  • Discount— You will lose ALL current discounts you have after downgrading your subscription.

Downgrade your subscription

  1. Log into your company file.
  2. Select the Gear icon.
  3. Select Account and Settings.
  4. Select Billing and Subscription tab.
  5. Select Downgradenext to your subscription plan details. (Note: If you don't see Downgradeon the Billing and Subscription tab,select theCancelbutton. You'll be presented with an option to downgrade.)

Potential downgrade issues

The following list describes common actions and what happens after you downgrade.

Recurring transactions/templates — Recurring transactions and templates must be paused before downgrading.

Recurring transactions/templates — After the downgrade

  • If you bill your customers monthly, please note that pausing these transactions will stop any future recurring transactions.
  • If you use recurring transactions to bill your customers, please be sure to have an alternative method to collect your funds.
  • To re-activate, you will need to manually resume each recurring transaction once you upgrade again.

User count  — You may need to delete additional users (except Accountant users) depending on the plan to which you are downgrading.

User count — After the downgrade 

Once you delete a user, you'll need to re-invite them to your company if you chose to upgrade again at a later time.


  • All stock items must be made Inactive. (Check out Stock overview and setup for assistance with bulk actions.)
  • We always suggest that you print stock reports prior to inactivating your items. Consider retaining the QuickBooks Online Plus subscription if you have a lot of stock items.
  • Quantity will zero out when deactivating. Please understand that all quantities on hand will be removed during the downgrade process.

Stock — After the downgrade

  • Quantity will zero out when deactivating.
  • If you chose to re-upgrade at a later time, you can recover all of your stock items by re-activating them.
  • You'll need to manually re-enter your quantities on hand for each item. You can easily refer to your reports that you exported during the downgrade process to recover your total quantities on hand.

3rd party apps

  •  If the downgrade process removes the feature the app was using, you can still use the apps, but only from the websites themselves.
  • If the feature is lost, the 3rd party app won't be able to sync into QuickBooks Online.
  • This will require manual data entry to update QuickBooks Online. Refer to QuickBooks Online-integrated apps complete list for more information about each app.

3rd party apps — After the downgrade

  • If you chose to re-upgrade, you can connect any of these apps back to your product at any time