Learn how to update your business info in QuickBooks Online.

Here’s how to change your business info in QuickBooks Online. This is for the info customers see on your sales forms and invoices, or your internal info on file with Intuit.

Change your business info in QuickBooks Online

Use these steps to update your business contact email, address, phone number, EIN or social insurance number, and more.

  1. Select the Gear icon and choose Company Settings or Account and Settings.
  2. Select the Company menu.
  3. Select any item you want to update. More fields will appear when you select an area, and the question mark for each field will tell you what it’s for. See the sections below for more info on some items.
  4. Select Save to finish.

Changing email

When you use the steps above, you can change the email address customers see on your sales forms and where you get emails from Intuit. Note that you should only list one email in the Company email field.

For other email changes, see:

Changing business name or tax info

If you changed your business name or tax ID (EIN/SSN), you need to update them in several places in QuickBooks Online.

Step 1: Consider adding another company instead

There are a few reasons you might change your business name. But it might be best to add another company instead of just changing your business info. This keeps your books distinct for tax purposes. And this is likely best if you’ll use a different tax ID (EIN) or Social Insurance number for filing now.

Step 2: Update your company info in QuickBooks Online

  1. Select the Gear icon and then Company Settings.
  2. Select the Sales menu on the left, then select the Messages section. Update your company name anywhere it appears here.
  3. Select the Company menu on the left.
  4. EIN or Social Insurance number: Select Employer ID (EIN) and enter your new info.
  5. Business name or legal name: Select Company name and enter your new info. This is your public business name that customers see (“Doing business as” name). If it’s different than the name your company uses for tax purposes, select Add legal name and enter your info there. Note: If you can’t edit these fields, or you see Error -7000, you’ll need to edit your company info in your payments or payroll accounts. See the following section for steps.
  6. If you use location tracking and have different business names for different locations, update your custom sales forms by location.

Step 3: Update your company info in payments and payroll

If you have QuickBooks Payments or payroll services, you need to update your company name and tax info in those accounts separately.

  1. Update your payroll services info first if you have payroll.
  2. Update your QuickBooks Payment info if you have payments.