Find out if QuickBooks Online Advanced is the right plan for your client.

QuickBooks Online Advanced features more tools, more users, and dedicated customer support. It’s designed for businesses who are outgrowing QuickBooks Online Plus, and are looking to maximize productivity.

Here's some information to help you decide if QuickBooks Advanced is what your client needs.

How can QuickBooks Online Advanced benefit my clients?

QuickBooks Online Advanced helps your client's growing business get deeper financial insights, do more in less time, and grow securely. Plus, with dedicated customer support, they'll get personalized help right when they need it.

Get deeper insights about business performance

With smart reporting (powered by Fathom), it’s easier for your client to:

  • Analyze profitability, cash flow, and other key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Create dynamic and presentation-ready reports in minutes.

Learn more about smart reporting.

Do more business in less time

Invoicing is easier and faster in QuickBooks Online Advanced with these tools.

Batch invoicing: With the multiple invoices feature, your client can create and send multiple invoices at the same time.

Invoice importing: Your client can create hundreds of invoices at once by uploading a CSV file. This importing tool can upload a CSV file containing up to 1000 transaction lines.

Get personalized support

QuickBooks Advanced users get elevated care experience with Priority Circle. The benefits include:

Customer Success Manager: A dedicated care point of contact who understands your client’s unique business and can connect them to the right resources.

Premium Care: Your client’s calls are routed to the front of the line and connected with our top agents.

QuickBooks Online Training: With up to 5 specialized online QuickBooks classes each year, your client can train their team at no extra cost.

Grow securely

With more users and customizable access levels, your client can delegate more tasks without compromising security.

Up to 25 users: QuickBooks Online Advanced allows five times as many users as Plus, so your client can get their whole team on board. Learn more about user types.

Custom Permissions: Your client has control of what users can see and do in QuickBooks, making it easy to assign work to specific people. Learn more about custom user permissions.

How do usage limits affect QuickBooks Online Advanced?

Usage limits will apply to QuickBooks Online plans in the U.S. But unlike Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus, Advanced will not have maximum limits on classes, locations, and chart of accounts entries.

You’re in the best position to make sure that your client’s plan meets their business needs. Find out more about each plan’s usage limits. It will help you understand your client's best options if they reach a limit.

When will usage limits roll out?

For client-billed QuickBooks plans, usage limits will start rolling out in April and throughout 2019.

For wholesale-billed QuickBooks plans, usage limits will start rolling out after May and throughout 2019.

How can I help my client understand the benefits of moving to QuickBooks Online Advanced?

If your client needs 6 or more users, more than 250 entries in their chart of accounts, or more than 40 classes and locations, Advanced is a stronger plan for them.

Here’s a brief guide on how you can frame the benefits of QuickBooks Online Advanced:

  • Simple Start: 1
  • Essentials: 3
  • Plus: 5
  • Advanced: 25
If your client requires 6+ users:
  • They would benefit from Advanced’s ability to customize user permissions to different areas in QuickBooks.
  • This also indicates that your client might soon need to add more users, as their business continues to grow. Advanced’s up to 25 users can be beneficial to the business in the longer term.
Chart of accounts
  • Simple Start, Essentials, Plus: 250
  • Advanced: No limit
If your client needs 250+ entries in chart of accounts:
  • This indicates a growth trajectory and need for more granular reporting. Fathom’s broad, presentation-ready reports can give them a more detailed view of how their business is doing.
  • Your client can benefit from a more personalized support and quicker access to top QuickBooks experts.
  • A growing business means growing number of employees. Your client may find it helpful to have access to training materials that can speed up QuickBooks Online onboarding for new employees.
Class and location
  • Simple Start, Essentials, Plus: 40
  • Advanced: No limit
If your client requires 40+ classes and locations:
  • They’re likely processing a very high number of transactions each month (upwards of 750 transactions). QuickBooks Advanced’s accelerated invoicing tools will streamline their invoicing process.

What if my client is near or at a limit, but isn’t ideal for QuickBooks Online Advanced?

You can guide them with reducing things down to their limits using these articles:

Where can I learn more about QuickBooks Online Advanced?

Watch this 1-minute video to get an overview. Or take it all in with this comprehensive demo.

If you're curious about what QuickBooks Advanced looks like and can do, you can always test it out for free.