QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale inventory has the ability to sync to GoPayments. As a valuable feature, it could also cause discrepancies and issues such as duplicate items and transactions if not well-maintained.

If many items are affected, you can restore the latest back up copy of your company file. Otherwise, you can fix these issues by performing the following.

Note: Before performing any troubleshooting steps, create a back-up copy of your company file.

Remove duplicate items

  1. Un-sync the items.
    1. Export all items to excel, then add Sync to Mobile column.
    2. To identify items synced to mobile, save a copy of the excel file on the desktop.
    3. Sort all items that has Yes for Sync to Mobile, then change it to No.
    4. Import the items to Point of Sale.
    5. Select the Mobile Sync icon.
    6. Sign in to GoPayments App.
      • If the items were removed from GoPayments, proceed to merging the duplicate items.
      • If there are Point of Sale items that are still synced, open the menu and select Settings > Sync Settings > Sync Items.
  2. Merge the duplicate Items.
    1. From the Inventory menu, select Item List.
    2. Locate and highlight the duplicate items.
    3. Under I want to… dropdown, select Merge Items.
    4. Select the original item under Keep this Item and the duplicate under Remove this duplicate item section.
      Note: Transactions listed under the removed item will move to the retained item.
    5. Select Merge Items.
  3. Sync the Items.
    1. Import the copy of Item List you saved in step 1.
      Note: In this way, the Sync to mobile column is YES for those that were previously synced.
    2. Perform a Mobile Sync.
    3. Sign in to GoPayment app.
    4. Go to Settings > Sync Settings > Sync Items.

Remove duplicate transaction

You may experience entering a single transaction in QuickBooks Payments but multiple sales are recorded in Point of Sale. If this happens, perform the following steps to remove the duplicate.

  1. Unlink the Merchant Account.
    Important: Be sure to have your login credentials for your Payments account before unlinking from Point of Sale.
    1. In Point of Sale, go to File > Setup Interview.
    2. In the Payments tab, select Sign Out.
    3. Under Would you like to accept credit and debit cards?, choose the No radio button.
    4. Select Done.
  2. Refund the duplicate transaction.
    1. Go to Sales History, then select the duplicate transaction.
    2. Under I Want To..., select Accept Return/Exchange.
      Note: This will not refund the transaction since Merchant Account is not linked to the software.
  3. Link Merchant Account.
    1. In Point of Sale, go to File > Setup Interview.
    2. In the Payments tab, select the Yes radio button.
    3. Select Sign in, then enter your Payments credentials.