After you've reviewed your Working Trial Balance year-end information and completed your adjustments, you can export the trial balance for a tax preparer (or for yourself, if you are the tax preparer) to import into a tax application like Intuit ProFile.

The Workpapers GIFI Mapping feature allows you to either edit GIFI codes that we've already mapped for your account balances, or assign GIFI codes for account balances that have not yet been mapped. This feature automatically groups your account balances within the appropriate area of the tax form as each GIFI codeis assigned. Since we’ve already pre-assigned many (or all) GIFI codes, you'll have a head start if you choose to import the GIFI codes into a tax application.

Note: You can click Finish review at any time to freeze your adjustments and balances and prevent further updates to your work space.

The following information will guide you through the GIFI mapping process in QuickBooks Online Accountant. The steps are also necessary when starting a return.

  1. From the client dashboard, select a client from the Go to client's QuickBooks drop-down menu.
  2. Select the Toolbox icon next to the QuickBooks logo at the top left of the screen.
  3. Select Workpapers.
  4. Click the GIFI Mapping tab.
  5. Check the Working Trial Balance, and the GIFI Mapping to ensure that all the work is completed. Any unassigned codes can be done under the GIFI mapping section.
  6. To assign GIFI Codes, go through the list and select Assign GIFI Codes.
  7. A row will appear beneath the line you wish to map, and select the GIFI code from the list.
  8. Once completed, select Save GIFI Code.
  9. This will save the information in a GIFI File format.
  10. Open the Tax Return tab.
  11. Create a new return to import the GIFI codes into.
  12. Begin the return.