The end of the year is on the horizon.  You can help your team and your clients prepare for all those last minute tasks in QuickBooks by using this Year-end checklist.  

Visit Accountant Tools

  • You can accomplish everything from reclassifying transactions, complete unfinished reconciliations, or run your trial balance in preparation for filing tax returns in Accountant Tools.
  • When you feel comfortable closing out the year, you can also Close the books and prevent unwanted changes before filing your taxes.

Write off uncollectable debts

  • Do any of your clients have uncollectable debts during the current period? You can write off invoices deemed uncollectable to take care of any bad debt prior to year-end.
  • If you need to write off the invoice in a closed period, learn how to write off bad debt for older entries.

Set up default date ranges on reports

  • Save time by setting up default date ranges on your reports so every time you open a report, it will open to the correct year-end date range.
  • Remember, Report and Tool defaults also affects other tools such as Reclassify Transactions.

Correct miscategorized transactions

Prep for year-end payroll tasks

  • It's never too early to encourage your clients to get a head start on payroll. The tasks laid out in this guide will help you close out 2018 successfully and help them prepare for 2019.

Complete unfinished reconciliations

Make account balance adjustments

Use Prep for taxes

  • Now that all your adjustments have been entered, use the Prep for taxes feature to make sure you're ready to complete your client's tax return.

File your taxes

  • Kick off your clients' tax returns from the Clients Tab and connect to ProConnect to complete the return.

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