Learn how to resolve banking error 323 in QuickBooks Online.

If you receive Banking Error 323, it means that you have connected two similar accounts, or you've added the same bank account twice, in QuickBooks Online.

Resolve Banking Error 323

Do you have two accounts with the same account name and same account number (if the last four digits match)? If so rename one of the accounts at the bank’s website to uniquely identify it, then try to connect them again. (For help adding or connecting accounts, see How to add and connect bank and credit card accounts.)

If you have added the same account twice, you can disconnect one of the accounts to resolve the issue. (For help with disconnecting an account, see Disconnect or delete an account from the Downloaded Transactions page.)

Still seeing the error?

If you still can't resolve the error, select Report Issue on the right side of the error message. Your issue is reported directly to the appropriate team. You'll receive an email, typically within 48 business hours, when it's resolved.

If you've reported the issue and you haven't heard from us within that time frame, contact QuickBooks Online Support.

In the meantime, you can upload your bank transactions into QuickBooks Online using Web Connect. (For help uploading bank transactions, see Upload more than 90 days of bank transactions.)