If you have QuickBooks Online Full Service Payroll (QBFSP) you can process paychecks for your employees.

Run Scheduled Payroll

If you need to create an unscheduled payroll see Create Unscheduled Payroll Checks.

  1. Select Workers from the left navigation bar.
  2. Select Employees.
  3. Select Run payroll.
  4. If prompted, select the Pay Schedule.
  5. Review your payroll.
    Important: Be sure to confirm the pay period and pay date before entering the employee's compensation.
  • If you’re unable to see all pay types, resize or maximize your browser window.
  • Select the Gear icon to show or hide pay types.
  • Hourly, Salary and Commission pay types can’t be hidden.
  • To remove it from Pay day, simply uncheck the pay type. The system will remember the settings on the next pay day until you change it.
  • Hourly employees: Enter the hours and compensation.
  • Salary employees: Confirm the amounts and then enter them


  1. If you need to override taxes or deductions, select the pencil icon on the right. Adjust deductions and taxes as necessary. Then, select Ok.
    User-added image
  2. Uncheck any employees not getting paid.
  3. Select Preview Payroll.
  4. You can run a Payroll Details Report to ensure accuracy.
  5. Select Submit Payroll. Enter the check numbers (if necessary).
  6. If you need to print checks, select Print paychecks. (You may see Print pay stubs if all employees are set up for direct deposit.)

    Note: You may also print the checks later by going to the Paycheck List from the Workers tab.
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  7. If you'd like to export your payroll reports to excel, select View payroll reports at the bottom. Then, select Export to Excel.