Using the Print Designer in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale, you can choose which fields print on inventory tags and other forms.

  1. Go to File > Tools > Print Designer.
  2. Select Inventory tags from the drop down.
  3. From the Available Templates list, select the tag style you want to use.
  4. Select Options and choose Copy Selected. The Print Designer window opens with the tag you selected.
  5. Select the sample bar code and item number, then choose Remove.
  6. Select Add and choose Data Field or Group of Fields.
  7. Select BARCODE: UPC > OK.
  8. Drag the sample bar code to the bottom of the tag. You may have to move other fields to make room for it.
  9. Choose Save and enter a new name for the template. Select OK.
  10. Select Close.
    Note: Select Yes if you want to make the new template your default print template for Inventory Tags. Otherwise, choose No.
  11. Select Close again. The Print Designer window closes.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale only works with recommended hardware that are tested to work with the software. For more information, check Point of Sale: Compatible hardware.
  • As of the moment, QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale can only print tags by Item Name and not by Item Number. If you want to have this feature added, let our engineers know! Send a feedback through the Help menu > Send feedback.