When attempting to run a Financial Exchange, the following message is returned:

Error code 140300: You have reached the maximum allowed number of items in your QuickBooks Financial Software inventory. Sales and receiving information for all newly added items will be recorded in your financial software using the general descriptions POS [Sales Tax].

This error occurs if the maximum number of items (14,500) has been reached in QuickBooks Desktop.

If you have reached the maximum number of items in QuickBooks Desktop, there are two solutions:

Option 1: Change the preferences in Point of Sale to send information to QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Choose File > Preferences > Company.
  2. Select the Financial preference.
  3. In the section Send receipts and vouchers with, select Summarized item totals.
  4. Select Save, then perform a financial exchange with QuickBooks Desktop.

Option 2: Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise edition

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise allows for over 100,000 inventory items, vendors, and customers.