Learn how to batch email or print invoices, sales receipts, payments, and other sales forms.

Save time by printing or emailing your sales forms by batch, instead of one at a time.

Mark invoices or sales forms to batch email or print later

When you enter invoices or other sales transactions, you can flag them early on to be emailed or printed at later. This makes it easier to filter them when you're ready to print or email by batch.

  1. Select the Plus icon (+) at the top.
  2. Under Customers, select the sales transaction you need to create then email or print later.
  3. Enter the sales details.
  4. If emailing later, select Send later (under your customer's email address).
    If printing later, select Print or Preview at the bottom, then check Print later.
  5. Select Save. Don't save and send just yet.

Email or print multiple invoices or sales forms at once

  1. From the left menu, select Sales, then choose All Sales.
  2. Select the Filter drop-down.
  3. Filter by Type, Status, Date, and Customer.
    Want to see transactions you marked as to be emailed or printed later? Select Delivery method, then check Send later or Print later to filter the list.
  4. Mark the transactions you want to send or print.
    Tip: To mark them all, select the checkbox beside the Date column.
  5. Select Batch actions, then choose Print transactions or Send transactions.