Learn how to use e-signature on authorization forms for Online Payroll.

E-signature allows you to electronically sign authorization forms in QuickBooks. We show you how to e-sign with QuickBooks Online Payroll  and Enhanced Online Payroll.

QuickBooks Online Payroll

Use e-signature to sign authorization forms.

  1. From the left menu, select Workers, then Employee.

  2. Select New Payroll Tasks.
     create new payroll tasks in QuickBooks
  3. Select E-sign legal authorization forms.
    E-sign legal authorization forms in QuickBooks
  4. Select Continue.

    Enter or verify principal officer’s information in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online Enhanced Payroll

Use e-signature to sign authorization forms.

  1. After entering business information, you will be ask how you want to sign your tax documents. Select E-sign
  2. You will be asked series of questions to verify your identity. If you can answer these questions, we will prompt you to e-sign. (Note: These questions are based off national electronic records associated with your full name, SSN, and resident address. Intuit has no control over these records.)
  3. Select that you acknowledge you are electronically signing authorization forms for QuickBooks Payroll.
    Signed E-Sign authorization forms in QuickBooks
  4. You can preview the forms you're signing by clicking on the form name. Then select Done.
    User-added image
  5. Select Done to finish.