Use the following info to change your legal filing name or Doing Business As (DBA) name with the government agencies and in your payroll account.

What's the difference between legal and (DBA) names?

Your company legal name is the name you use when you file and pay your federal and state payroll taxes. Your DBA name is your trade name – the name your customers know you by.

When you set up your company for Full Service Payroll, you'll need to provide us with your company legal name and address so we can file and pay federal and state payroll taxes on your behalf.

Be sure to enter your legal name and address exactly as provided to the federal and state agencies.

Not sure where to find your legal name and address? Check correspondence or any forms you've filed with the agency, or you can contact the IRS or your state agency.

Change your legal filing name

  1. Contact your state agencies to register your name change.

Change your DBA (or trade) name

Your DBA name (also known as trade name) is the business name that's known by the public.

  1. Contact your state agencies to register your name change.
  2. Contact Payroll Support with the following information:
    • A statement indicating you've already registered the change with your state agencies
    • Your new DBA name
    • Any supporting documents