Learn to customize a paycheck layout or pay stub.

You can customize the information that displays and prints on a paycheck voucher or pay stub. We show you how.

Print account names on check voucher

You can customize a paycheck voucher to print account names.

To print account names:

  1. Choose Edit, then Preferences.
  2. Select the Checking icon. And select the Company Preferences tab.
  3. Select Print account names on voucher. And select  OK. (If the check is not a paycheck or is not used for inventory purchases, the first 16 lines of the account name will be displayed. If the check is a paycheck or used for inventory purchases, QuickBooks will display the payroll item or inventory item.


.Print account names on voucher selected on Preferences screen

Customize pay stubs and paycheck vouchers

You can customize an employee pay stub to display employee and company addresses and sick and vacation information.

To add or remove this information from a pay stub or voucher:

  1. Choose Edit, then Preferences.
  2. Select the Payroll & Employees icon in the icon list. Then select the Company Preferences tab.
  3. Select the Pay Stub & Voucher Printing button .
  4. In the Payroll Printing Preferences window, select  to clear any of the checkboxes for displaying this information.
    Payroll Printing Preferences window checkboxes
    Items you can select to print or not print on the paycheck vouchers or pay stubs:
    • Vacation & Sick used.  Enter a term in the Print as box to change how the term prints on the voucher or pay stub (such as PTO or flextime).
    • Legal company name
    • Federal employer identification number
    • DBA company name
    • Company phone number
    • Non-taxable company items
    • Employee social security number. Due to legal requirements, employee SSN numbers cannot be removed from pay stubs, but you can choose to only display the four digits.
    • Only the last four digits of SSNs and bank account numbers
    • Hours for salaried employees  (Due to legal requirements, salary hours cannot be removed from pay stubs.)
    • Standard font size or Large font size
    • Print Intuit logo (
  5. Select OK twice.

Due to legal requirements the following information can't be removed from a pay stub:

  • Employee Social Security number (but you can remove all but the last 4 digits)
  • Salary or hourly rate, hours worked, and the amount of pay for the period
  • Pay period
  • Employee taxes
  • Deductions from and additions to wages
  • Taxable company contributions
  • Federal and state/provincial allowances and exemptions
  • Net pay
  • Year-to-date amounts for the preceding items
  • Company name and address