Wholesale Billing is a special discount on QuickBooks Online subscriptions for your clients.

Wholesale Billing can be an important tool to drive the growth of your practice. How you use it, is up to you. There are added benefits to providing Wholesale Billing to your clients; with Wholesale Billing, you can:

  • Quickly provide affordable QuickBooks Online subscriptions to new clients and take advantage of discounts available to Wholesale Billing. See Note: The Wholesale Billing cost is dependent on the current list price of the subscription, and is subject to change.


    How do I bill my clients for this subscription?

    There are several options users utilise to cover the expense of Wholesale Billing for their clients. Some of the common methods are:

    • Invoice your clients for their subscriptions.
    • Fold the expense into the cost of your services.
    • Pay the cost yourself to attract clients.

    When can I move a client into or out of Wholesale Billing?

    You can move clients with new QuickBooks Online subscriptions to Wholesale Billing.

    Existing clients on Wholesale Billing can be moved out of Wholesale Billing any time.

    Your monthly report will breakdown your costs for each of your clients. This way you can stay in control of how much you pay.

    How is Wholesale Billing different from retail?

    Companies paid through Wholesale Billing are still treated like any other retail subscription. Participating in Wholesale Billing for your clients doesn’t make you a retailer.

    Note: You will be charged sales tax based on the address in the billing profile of your Wholesale Billing subscription.


    How do I get started?

    1. Add your billing information by editing your Wholesale Billing information.
    2. Check out our instructions on adding QuickBooks Online companies to wholesale billing, adding or removing QuickBooks Online companies from wholesale billing .

    That sums up the basics for Wholesale Billing. If you want to learn more, check out the articles at Wholesale Billing Resources for QuickBooks Online Accountant.