Keep your employee list up to date by updating their employment status in your Online Payroll service.

Delete an employee

Our system only allows you to delete an employee if there's no paychecks created or pay history added for that employee.

To delete an employee:

Change employee's employment status

You can remove or re-add an employee in your Payday or Run payroll screen by changing their employment status.

To change employee's employment status:

If an employee's status is set to Terminated or Not On Payroll:

  • They can still access or If they have issues logging in, they can work with you to troubleshoot their access.
  • They will no longer appear in your active payroll, but their profile and pay records will remain in your account.
  • You are no longer billed for that employee.
  • Pending direct deposit will still process unless the check is deleted.
  • Their names will still appear in reports, but are marked with an asterisk to indicate the employee is inactive.