Learn how to configure browser settings for QuickBooks Online Accountant training.

Are you having trouble launching a ProAdvisor Certification exam or module? Is the Training tab not loading? The issue could be a browser setting. We show you ways to troubleshoot browser issues.

Try a different browser

The easiest step to take is to log in to QuickBooks Online Accountant from a different web browser. If whatever wasn't working, now works, your original browser's settings was likely the issue.

If you still experience issues, try the browser-specific solutions in the following sections to resolve the problem.

Note:  Always make sure to use a supported and up-to-date browser.

Check your pop up blocker

Is your browser blocking pop-ups? If so, you'll usually see an alert when it happens. You can typically resolve the issue from the alert. However, the steps are different for each web browser.

Add ProAdvisor training platform as a trusted site

When you select the Training tab on the ProAdvisor page, the tab loads information from the ProAdvisor training platform. If the Training tab doesn't load, you may need to add the ProAdvisor training platform as a trusted site.

The steps to do so vary, depending on the web browser you use.

Clear browser cookies and cache

You may need to clear your browser's temporary Internet files and cache. For more information, see Clear the temporary Internet files and cache. 

 Delete or disable cache and temporary internet files in your web browser

Verify Java version

Make sure that you have the latest version of Java installed. To check that your Java installation is up-to-date, visit Verify Java version

If necessary you can download and install the latest Java version.