Projects are used to track large chunks of work your team needs to complete. Tasks, on the other hand, represent individual parts of that work that need to be completed before the Project can be considered done.

Note:  Projects and tasks aren't shown to clients. They're for your team to track and manage your work.

Create a project

With Practice Management, you can create a project with as few as 4 fields:

  1. From the Work tab, select Create project.
  2. Fill in the Project name, the Client, and the Due date. If you have multiple users in your firm, you must assign the project to a member of your firm.
  3. Fill in any additional information and/or add a task. (Warning: Once you save a project, the option to repeat disappears. If you wish to make a project repeat, you do this before saving.)
  4. Select Save.

create a project in QuickBooks Online

Edit a project

Select the project card to edit it.

Duplicate a project

If you need to create a project that is similar to another project on your Work board, save time by duplicating your project.

  1. Select a project from the board.
  2. Select Duplicate.
  3. Make any edits to the new project.
  4. Select Save.

duplicate a project in QuickBooks Online

Make a project repeat

If you need your project to occur on a regular basis, set the project to repeat in intervals. You can also set how long it repeats.

  1. While creating or editing a project, toggle the repeat switch or select the Repeat icon. (When creating a new project, the Repeat option appears as a switch. When editing a project, the Repeat option appears as an icon.)
  2. Set the interval, day of the recurrence, and end time.
  3. Select Save.

repeat a project in QuickBooks Online

Delete a project

Here's how to delete a project:

  1. Select a project from the board.
  2. Select the trash can icon.

delete a project in QuickBooks Online

Add a task

  • Create a task to itemize the work that needs to be completed for a project to be finished.
  • Tasks appear on the Work dashboard along with projects and client requests and can be assigned to members of your firm.
  • To add a task to a project, open a project and select Add a task.

Delete a task

To remove a task from a project, edit the project and select the trash can icon.

Now you know how to schedule and track your work with projects and tasks.