This article explains how to edit (modify) pay cheques created through QuickBooks Online Payroll.

You can make changes to some types of pay cheques.

Which items can be edited?

In general, you can edit a pay cheque if:

  • It's the employee's most recently submitted pay cheque.
  • It hasn't been paid to the employee yet. (For direct deposits, this means the pay cheque hasn't been transmitted to the employee's bank. For paper cheques, this means they pay date hasn't passed.)

Which pay cheques can't be edited?

You can't edit a submitted pay cheque it:

  • ​It's not the employee's most recent pay cheque.
  • It has a Pay date before Jan 1 of this year.
  • The employee's pay rate changed since the pay cheque was first submitted. For example, if you submit a pay cheque for an hourly employee and then change the employee to Salary or Commission only, you won't be able to edit the pay cheque.

How do I edit the pay cheque?

To edit an employee's most recent pay cheque:

  1. Select Employees from the left menu.
  2. Select the employee's name and select the Pay cheque list tab.
  3. Select the Net Pay amount to see the Pay cheque page.
  4. At the bottom of the Pay cheque page, select Edit.
  5. Change the amount, the memo, or the cheque number. (You'll see boxes around the things you can change.)
  6. Select the name of a section, such as Employee taxes, to see it's contents.
  7. When you're done making changes, select OK.

If you need to edit a pay cheque, but don't see the Edit button at the bottom of the screen, please contact us for help when editing or deleting pay cheques.

After the pay cheque has been delivered

If the pay cheque has already been deposited or delivered to the employee, you can't edit or recreate it. However, if you made a mistake and need to correct it, we can help. Please contact us. You will be sent a pay cheque corrections template to fill out and send back to us to process. You can download the corrections template by clicking here.

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