You can use timesheets in QuickBooks to enter your employees' time data and hours worked to create employee paychecks.

Expected Outcome

You can use timesheets to create paychecks.


You have set up QuickBooks for Time Tracking.


To create Timesheets:

  1. Click Employees > Enter Time.
  2. You have 2 options for timesheets:
    • Enter a weekly timesheet to track hours worked.
    • Enter a single activity.

Weekly Timesheet

To enter a weekly timesheet to track hours worked:

  1. Select the employee name next to Name.
  2. If the hours worked are billable, select a Customer: Job and Service Item and click to select the Billable? column.
  3. Select the Payroll Item for time worked.
  4. Depending on your Preferences, you may also add a WC Code (Workers Compenstation) and a Class.
  5. Click in the column for the day in which hours were worked, and enter the hours worked for this job (if used) and/or for the payroll item.
    • When entering time in Paychecks, Timesheets or the Enter Payroll Information window, you can enter a time range, and QuickBooks calculates the total hours for you. For example, if you enter 8-1 in the Hours field, QuickBooks enters 5 in the same field, or if you enter 8:30-4:35, QuickBooks enters 8:05. The time format is displayed with the time format set in General Preferences.
  6. Repeat for each time worked until the week is complete.
    Note: Currently QuickBooks is unable to copy hours worked, nor the timesheet as a whole. Each employee's hours must be completed one at a time. Using the Copy Last Sheet button in the left corner pulls the timesheet data used on the previous time entry for each individual employee. You can create only one timesheet per person, per week.
    Note: Overtime hours are not calculated automatically. They must be entered manually as an overtime payroll item.
  7. When finished, click Save & Close.

Columns can be resized by clicking the right-side border of the column header and dragging.

To create batch timesheets:

  1. Click Employees > Enter Time > Use Weekly Timesheet.
  2. Click the Name drop down and scroll to the very top. Choose Multiple names(Payroll)....
  3. Select the names from the Select Employee, Vendor or Other Name box, click OK.
  4. Fill in the timesheet then click Save & New or Save & Close to record the time sheet for the multiple Employees.
  5. QuickBooks will have recorded the same time sheet for the multiple names that were selected.

Single Activity

To enter a single activity (with a start and stop feature to track time worked):

  1. Select the date of the time worked from the Date calendar.
    • If you enter a date before today's date, you will not be able to use the Start and Stop function of the Single Activity. However, you may manually enter the amount of time for the activity in the Duration field.
  2. Select the employee from the Name drop-down list.
  3. If the hours worked are billable, select a customer job from the Customer: Job drop-down arrow and a service item from the Service Item drop-down arrow and click to select Billable. If not billable, verify the Billable checkbox is not selected.
  4. Select the payroll item that the time worked affects on the paycheck from the Payroll Item drop-down arrow.
  5. Depending on your Preferences, you may also add a WC Code (Workers Compensation) and a Class.
  6. Click Start to start the time tracking for this work, or enter the time when the employee started work for this job. Click Start.
  7. When the job is finished, click Stop.
  8. Click Save & Close.

Print Timesheets

To print weekly timesheets:

  1. From the File menu, choose Print Forms > Timesheets.
  2. QuickBooks defaults to the current work week. To view additional timesheets, change the date range by entering different dates in the Dated and thru fields.
  3. Select the timesheets you want to print.
  4. (Optional) To print the full text of your activity notes on each timesheet, select Print full activity notes. If you don't select this option, QuickBooks prints only the first line of each note.
  5. Click OK to print a timesheet for each person selected for each week within the date range.

To print a blank timesheet:

  1. Click Employees > Enter Time.
  2. On the Weekly Timesheet window, select the Print > Print Blank Timesheet.
  3. In the Print Timesheets window, enter the number of copies you want to print. Click Print.

Create Time Data Report

Create a Report that shows timesheets data for one or more employees:

You can create Time by Name report that displays the following:

  • Employee names
  • Customer name associated with the timesheet
  • Total number of hours worked on date range you select
  • Display more columns or data by using the Customize Report feature

To create this report, follow steps below:

  1. From QuickBooks menu bar, click Reports > Jobs, Time and Mileage > Time by Name.
  2. Click Customize Report tab.
  3. In the Display window, add more columns to your report by selecting one or more of the display options available. To display more:
    1. click Filters tab
    2. click the names or items you want to include on report
  4. If you wish to display multiple names or items:
    1. click the down arrow for names or items you selected
    2. select the option for multiple
    3. click to select the items from the list provided
  5. Click OK to apply your selections.
  6. Click OK on next window to save your changes.