When you access the Federal or State tax form, you get the message "This form will be available soon. Please check back later." This means that the accuracy is still being validated and will be available after the preparation is complete. Tax payments may also be unavailable while the preparation is in process.

Note: QuickBooks is working diligently to provide these forms as quickly as possible and there's no need to contact your State or Federal agency, so rest assured that there's nothing to worry about.

Here's the latest update and some FAQs to guide you:

Blocked Q2 2019 Federal and State Forms

Jurisdiction Blocked forms and payment coupons Due Date
DC UI and UI Check Coupon 07/31/2019
ME UI and UI Check Coupon 07/31/2019
MT Filing and Payment 07/31/2019
OR OQ 07/31/2019
UT UI Filing and Payment 07/31/2019
WA* PFML Q1/Q2 07/31/2019

*This is still blocked even though WA 5208 A and B forms were unblocked as of 04/09/2019.

Blocked Annual Form

Jurisdiction Blocked forms and payment coupons Due Date
No forms are currently blocked in production.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my forms are late because they aren't available?

We work hard to get updates out in a timely manner, and we don't know of any situation where this has happened. We will always do our very best to ensure that it's never even a concern.

When will they be available?

Getting these forms ready for use is a complex process, and it's difficult to determine exactly when they will be finished. However, we will always do our best to release them as soon as possible.