If you are closing your business or you no longer pay employees, cancel your Online Payroll service. Once your account is canceled, you'll continue to have access to your account's data for six months, after the end of the tax year in which that data was collected. You must make your own arrangements to retain the data after that time.

Before canceling your payroll subscription, make sure that you have:

  • Paid any outstanding tax deposits
  • Filed any outstanding quarterly forms
  • Printed necessary payroll reports

Cancel your online payroll subscription

QuickBooks Online Payroll

You can cancel your payroll subscription in QuickBooks Online and continue to use its accounting features.

To cancel your payroll add-on service:

  1. Select the Gear icon > Account and Settings > Billing & Subscription.Note: If you don't see the Billing & Subscription tab, that means you are not signed in as either the Master Administrator or Company Administrator on the account, or you purchased your QuickBooks Online from your Accountant.What you need to do:
    1. Sign in using your Mater Administrator or Company Administrator credentials.
    2. Contact your Accountant and work with them to cancel your payroll subscription.
  2. In the Payroll section, select Cancel.
  3. Select Continue to cancel.
  4. Complete the short survey and select Confirm cancel.User-added image

Intuit Online Payroll

To cancel your standalone payroll service:

  1. Select the Setup tab.
  2. Select Cancel Service under Billing and Service.
  3. Answer the short survey and select Cancel Service.
  4. An email will be sent to confirm cancelation.

Reactivate payroll subscription

If you  have decided to pay employees/contractors or file forms at year-end, you may reactivate your online payroll subscription.

QuickBooks Online Payroll

  1. Select the Gear icon > Account and Settings > Billing & Subscription.
  2. In the Payroll section, select Resubscribed.

Intuit Online Payroll

No option to cancel or reactivate payroll service

Contact Payroll Support for assistance.

Cancel Intuit Full Service Payroll or QuickBooks Online Full Service Payroll

To cancel, please call 866-640-9987 for Intuit Full Service Payroll, or 866-729-4662 for QuickBooks Online Full Service Payroll.