There are a number of reasons why you might not find your client in the QuickBooks Online Accountant Client list. This can occur if:

  • The incorrect login is used
  • You were not invited as the Accountant
  • Firm access to the client was removed
  • The client was moved to the inactive list
  • The client was renamed in the QuickBooks Online Accountant Client List

Below, you’ll find solutions based on what caused the issue. (You can also use our interactive Missing Client guide to find the solution.)

Confirm that your client is missing

First, you’ll want to confirm your client isn’t in the Client list:

  1. From within QBOA, go to the Settings gear and select Switch Company.
  2. From the Company Selection page, select the triangle ( ▶) symbol. (Note: This displays a full list of company subscriptions that are currently tied to the firm's QuickBooks Online Accountant Client List.)
  3. From the list of companies attached to the firm, search for the company that is missing from the client list.

If your client doesn’t appear in the list of clients attached to the firm, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Verify that the company was not made inactive. (For instructions on how to activate an inactive client, see Make a client active or inactive within QuickBooks Online Accountant.)
  2. If the client is not inactive, you might not have admin privileges that allows you access. This might be because the client or firm administrator removed your license, you were granted access through the different user ID, or you were invited as a regular user, rather than an accountant.
  3. To fix this, check with other members of your QuickBooks Online Accountant firm to see whether they have access to the client. 

Other members of my firm can access the client company

If you have confirmed that another member of your QBOA firm has access to the client company, request that the firm owner or another Full Access user performs the following steps:

  1. From the Navigation menu, select Team.
  2. From the list of team members, select on the user that cannot access the client.
  3. Select the Client Access tab.
  4. Select a check-mark next to the client from which you are requesting access. If the client is already checked, un-check the client and save the changes. Then re-check the client and save the changes again.You should now have access to the client company.

None of the members of my firm can access the client company

Have the client re-invite you to their company as an accountant user.

The client appears in the list of clients attached to the firm

This indicates that the client is in your Client List, but under a different name than the one you expect. This makes it appear to be missing. To fix the problem, identify the client with the mismatched name:

  1. Select the Gear Icon, then Switch Company to get to the Company Selection page.
  2. From the Company Selection page, note the full list of companies connected to the firm.
  3. Select the firm name to open QBOA.
  4. In the Client List, change the filter to Bookkeeping Clients.
  5. Compare the filtered list with the companies noted from the Company Selection page.
  6. Each company should match up with the Company Selection page. Any company that does not match has had their name edited in the Client List. You will need to manually open these companies to determine the company's original name.

Now you know how to find a company that is missing from the QuickBooks Online Accountant Client List.