Filing sales tax is a three part process. First prepare your sales tax return in QuickBooks Online. Second, submit your return to your sales tax agency. Finally, close your filing period in QuickBooks Online.

Step 1 - Prepare your return

  1. In the navigation bar, click Sales Tax.
  2. On the Returns tab view, locate your next return to file and click the Prepare return action.
  3. Check the dates that QuickBooks Online shows in the From Date and To Date fields.
  4. Review the detail area; it shows all the lines in the sales tax return, with the balance owing or receivable at the bottom.To see individual transactions, hover over the number in the Amount column and then click View transactions.
  5. To make an adjustment to a line on the sales tax return, click Adjust.

Step 2 - Submit your sales tax return online

  1. In a different window, go to your sales tax agency's website.
  2. After you complete and submit the return online, close the window and go back to QuickBooks.

Step 3 - Close your sales tax period in QuickBooks Online

  1. On the Prepare Sales Tax page, click File Return.
  2. (Optional) Print a copy of the QuickBooks Online sales tax return for your own records.