You can create an invoice to bill your customer for products or services you provided. Invoices track Accounts Receivable or money your customers owe you.

Create an invoice

To create an invoice:

  1. Select the Plus icon (+) on the Toolbar.
  2. Under Customers, choose Invoice.
  3. Select the name of the Customer from the drop-down list and enter or verify customer information.
  4. Select the Terms for the invoice from the drop-down list. The terms indicate when you expect payment for the invoice.
  5. Verify the Invoice date and the Due date. By default, the Due date is set 30 days after the Invoice date, but you can change either date as needed.
  6. Select the item or service being billed for from the drop-down list in the Product/Service column, and enter information about the item, including the Amount and any Tax.
  7. Specify any applicable Sales Tax Rate or Discount in the appropriate fields.
  8. (Optional) Add a subtotal to your invoice by selecting the last row of the group you're adding and select the Add Subtotal button. For example, if you select the 3rd row and select Add Subtotal, a subtotal line, adding lines 1 and 2, is inserted into row 4. If you then select row 7 and select Add Subtotal,  rows 5 - 7 are subtotaled and the result inserted into row 8.
  9. (Optional) Select Print or Preview and then select Print or Preview from the pop-up menu to save and review the invoice before printing it to share with your customer, or select Print Later to send it to the print queue.
  10. Select Save and send to create and preview an email to send the invoice to your customer, or Save and share to create a link to the invoice you can email or text to your customer. Alternatively, you can select Save and new to save your work and start a new invoice, or Save and close to save the invoice and close the screen. You can select Save at any time to save your work without leaving the invoice.

Once you save or preview the invoice, even if you don't send or print it, the transaction information from the invoice you created is included in reports and in the customer balance.

Receive payments on invoices

When your customer pays the invoice, you can record payment by opening the invoice, selecting Receive Payment, and entering payment information. You can also record the payment from the Customer or Sales Transactions pages.

For more information about receiving payments for invoices, see Receive payments.