Sometimes, you may receive an error when you try to import your banking transactions into QuickBooks Online.

The reasons for errors vary, but for many, the following four steps will clear the error:

  1. Run a manual update of the bank account from the Bank Feed.
  2. Verify that you can log in to your bank's website, using the same URL you provided to connect your account to QuickBooks Online.
  3. Verify that there are no changes required by your bank.
  4. The issue may be temporary, wait a few minutes and check your Bank Feed again.

Perform these steps in the order listed. You usually only need to follow the first and second step to resolve the issue, but some issues may require you to complete the entire list.

Step 1: Run a manual update on your bank account

Manual updates download any new transactions listed within the previous 90 days, so if you skip days between updates, the download still gets the most current information when you connect to your account.

To run a manual update:

  1. From the left menu, select Banking.

  2. On the Banking page, select Update.

    If you only want to update some accounts, select the unwanted ones to exclude them from the update and select Update now.

    Blue indicates the account is selected.
  3. If prompted, enter your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) credentials and select Continue update.

You are notified when the update is complete, and, if successful, the date of last update and total number of transactions shown on the account card change.

Run manual banking update in QuickBooks Online

When updating an account manually, keep in mind:

  • Some banks and credit card companies don't post transactions for download until several hours or the following morning.
  • You're often able to see processing transaction on your bank's website, but they won't be downloaded to QuickBooks until they officially post. If there are missing transactions in QuickBooks, wait at least 24 hours.

If the error happens again, try the next step.

Step 2: Verify you can log in to your bank's website

For QuickBooks Online to connect to your bank account, the account must be accessible from the URL your bank provided for online banking. Some financial institutions use different logins for different types of accounts. Make sure you're using the same URL in QuickBooks Online.

Follow these steps to verify that you connect to your bank and access your account using the link used in QuickBooks Online.

  1. From the left menu, select Banking.

  2. On the Banking page, select Add Account.

  3. Search for your financial institution and select from the list
  4. Click the login URL for your bank's website posted at the top of the window 
  5. Log in using your bank username and password
  6. Verify that you are able to access your account through this linked website. Log in and confirm that you can see your account summary, account history, and account details without any errors.

Once you verify that you can connect to your bank's online banking website, try to update from the Bank Feed again.

If the error happens again, try the next step.

Step 3: Verify that your bank does not require any action or changes

If you can successfully access your bank account on their website, look for any messages, notifications, or alerts from your bank indicating that something isn't working on their end.

Sometimes, banks enable new security features that require you to take action before you can proceed. Even something as simple as updating your account password can pause an update in QuickBooks.

Follow the instructions from your bank and try the update again.

If the error happens again, try the next step.

Step 4: Wait some time and try again

If you have tried all of the steps, wait at least a day to allow your bank time to fix any issues.

If none of the above resolve your issue...

If you are still getting an error after performing these steps, try searching for the specific error message in the search field at the top of the page.

Note  If you see the Report Issue option on your bank error, select it to notify us of the problem. We'll work on our end to fix the issue. In the meantime, many errors resolve themselves after a short period of time and you may want to try again later.

If you've tried all of these suggestions and are still experiencing issues, contact QuickBooks Online Support.