Learn how to view and print W-2 forms in your Online Payroll service.

Note (Intuit Online Payroll): In-product support for federal form is available only with an Enhanced level subscription (or a Basic subscription that started before April 1, 2013).

Printing requirements for your W-2 forms

Paper requirement

You can print the employee copies of Form W-2 on three-part perforated paper, four-part perforated paper or plain paper. It must be blank, not a pre-printed form.

Note the difference in how the employer and employee addresses will appear in the envelope window:

  • The plain paper W-2's are set up so that the employee's address is visible through a single-window, standard No. 10 business envelope (4-1/8" by 9-1/2", left-aligned window).
  • The perforated paper W-2's show the employer and employee addresses in the double-windows of envelopes.

You can order paper from Intuit by either calling the supplies group at 800.433.8810, or going online: https://intuitmarket.com/QBOHelpW2.

Ink requirement

You do not need to have special ink to print out your W-2's. It is acceptable to the IRS to print all portions of these forms in non-reflective black ink. You can find more information about Intuit's paper specifications in section 1B of Publication 1141 at http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p1141.pdf.

Select your W-2 printing preference

Before you print your W-2s, you need to select the paper you're using within your company payroll preferences. You can do this by following these steps:

Printing W-2 employee copies

To print current year W-2:

Starting January 1, an item to print your employees' W-2 copies will appear on your payroll To Do list for Intuit Online Payroll and Needs Attention for QuickBooks Online Payroll.

Note: W-2 copy A is filed electronically, thus we don't print this form.

You can also print the W-2s by following the instructions below:

In most cases, two sheets will print for each employee. The first sheet contains Copy B (for federal filing) and instructions. The second sheet contains two images of Copy B (for state and/or local filing), and Copy C (for the employee's records). In some situations, four sheets will print out for each employee. This may occur when there are too many entries in box 14 to be contained within a single box. The additional entries will be printed on the second sets of W-2 copies. You should provide all four sheets to the employee.