This article answers some of the most frequently asked questions about electronic services.

Set up or activate electronic services

What is the electronic services enrollment process?

See article Enroll to electronically pay and file taxes.

How do I send in my authorization forms?

ou'll print your electronic services authorization forms as a packet that includes a fax cover sheet. Fax your signed forms to the number shown on the sheet.

If you're unable to send the forms through fax, please contact us for options in sending your authorization forms.

How long does it take to activate electronic services?

Your federal electronic services will be activated in one to three banking days from the time we process your authorization forms. Depending on the jurisdiction, state electronic services can take from one day to several weeks to activate. We'll send email notifications when your federal and state electronic services are activated.

Use electronic services

How do I pay my taxes electronically?

Intuit Online Payroll/Intuit Online for Accountants

  1. Select To Do tab > It's time to pay taxes.User-added image
  2. Select the tax you want to pay, then select Create Payment.User-added image
  3. Always select earliest as it's the recommended date to pay taxes, then select approve.User-added image
  4. System will give you an e-payment confirmation after approving.User-added image

QuickBooks Online Payroll

  1. Select Taxes > Payroll Tax.
  2. Under Taxes, select Pay Taxes.User-added image
  3. Select Create Payment.User-added image
  4. Select E-pay.User-added image
  5. Confirmation will pop-up, then select Done.User-added image


  • Payments in red are already late and you may owe penalty and interest
  • System will allow you to pay late payments for federal but some states will block you from doing e-pay if the payments are already late. You may need to pay it directly to the State.

How do I file my forms electronically?

Intuit Online Payroll/Intuit Online Payroll Accountants

  1. Select To Do > It's time to file form > select the form you want to file.User-added image
  2. Select View to double check the form, then submit.User-added image
  3. Status of the submission will show up.User-added image

QuickBooks Online Payroll

  1. Select Taxes > Payroll Taxes.
  2. Under Forms, select Quarterly forms or Annual forms.
  3. Select the form you want to file.User-added image
  4. View the form to double check, then Submit.User-added image
  5. The next page will show you the confirmation of the submission.User-added image

When do you debit my bank account for electronic tax payments?

For federal tax payments, the IRS will directly debit your bank account on the payment date. Please be sure to have the funds available by the end of the previous banking day.

For most state tax payments, we'll withdraw the funds from your bank account at 5:00 pm Pacific Time two banking days before the payment date. Please be sure to have the funds available at this time. Insufficient funds may lead to an NSF processing fee and possible deactivation of your electronic services.

In some states, the timing for tax payments is different. A few state tax agencies directly debit the funds on the payment date (similar to federal payments). Some other state agencies require a lead time that's longer than two banking days. Please use the tax payment approval cutoff times shown on your payroll To Do list, and in our email reminders, to ensure timely payments.

Do I need to electronically file my form even though no tax is due?

In general, the answer is "yes". If our system prompts you to file a form, you should submit it, even if no tax is due. (Our system allows zero-tax filings.) You may receive a delinquency notice from the tax agency if you don't file a form for a given period.

How do I check the status of an electronic payment or filing?

See article Check E-Filing or E-Payment status.

Solve problems

Why was I rejected for federal electronic services?

We send your electronic services enrollment to the IRS for approval. If the IRS rejects the enrollment, it could be due to one of several reasons. The most common reason is a mismatch between the federal EIN or business filing name entered in your payroll account, and what the IRS has in their records. Note that the federal EIN and filing name must match exactly. You may need to contact the IRS to verify this information. Then you can make any necessary changes in your payroll account setup, and reapply for electronic services.

Why was I rejected for state electronic services?

We send your electronic services enrollment to the state tax agencies for approval. If your enrollment is rejected, it could be for one of these reasons:

  • Incorrect state account number
  • Incorrect deposit frequency for state withholding taxes
  • Business not registered with one of the agencies

You may need to contact the state tax agencies to verify your account number of deposit frequency. Then make any necessary changes to the state tax setup in your payroll account, and reapply for state electronic services. If you don't have one of the required state account numbers, you can register your business, obtain the number, and enter it into your payroll account.

Some states require simultaneous electronic services enrollment for both withholding (PIT) and unemployment (SUI) taxes. A problem with either tax type may cause your enrollment to be rejected.

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