Learn how to change your email address, user ID, or password for QuickBooks Online.

How to change your QuickBooks Online email, ID, or password

Follow these steps to update your own account. Note that you can’t do this for other users. They need to follow these steps themselves to update their sign in info.

Change your user ID or password in QuickBooks Online

  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Online.
  2. Go to Settings ⚙ and select User Profile.
  3. To change your user ID or email address, select Edit.
  4. To change your password, select Security, then Edit.

Tip: Have multiple companies, or seeing a message that your email is already being used? Consider consolidating them under a single user ID for a better sign in experience.

Can’t sign in?

Go to the Quickbooks Sign in page and select I forgot my user ID or password at the bottom.

If you still can’t sign in, you can fill out an email change request. Once we process it, you can log in with the new password you create and your original user ID. Then, you can use the steps in the section above to change your user ID or email if you want.

Other emails you can change