Direct feeds provides a secure and reliable connection between your bank account and QuickBooks, ensuring data accuracy with regular and automatic transaction updates. Once a connection is established, QuickBooks receives transactions without requiring any additional bank sign-in information - saving you time!

QuickBooks supports direct feeds for business accounts at selected banks. To find out if your bank is supported, click here.

To establish direct feeds in your QuickBooks account, follow the step-by-step guide:

  1. From the left menu, select Banking. This will open the Bank and Cards page.
  2. If you already have an account connected, select Add account in the upper right.
  3. Enter the name of you bank in the Search bar or select it from the tiles below.
  4. Choose Get direct bank feeds, then select Get direct feeds.
  5. Enter your bank and company details. Make sure they are exactly as they appear on your banking paperwork or your application may be rejected. If there are two account holders, make sure you fill in both names in the form. QuickBooks uses this information to auto-fill your Client Authority Form (CAF).
  6. Select Next and Agree.
  7. Select the QuickBooks account you want to connect to, then select Connect.
  8. Preview, print and hand-sign the form. If there are two signatories then all signatories need to sign the form. Please note that copies of the form are not accepted by banks.
  9. Post the form:
  • If your account is with NatWest or Royal Bank of Scotland, post your form to Freeport Intuit, 1 Cathedral Piazza, 1st and 2nd floors, London SW1E 5BP.
  • If your account is with Lloyds, post your form to Lloyds Banking Group, PO BOX 1000, BX2 1LB.
  • If your account is with HSBC, you are not required to post your form. Follow and complete the onscreen instructions.

Once we receive the form, it usually takes up to 10 days to process. You can check the status of your application from the Banking page. Once your connection has been established, transactions are usually available in QuickBooks the day after it's taken. There are a few exceptions which you can learn more about in this article.

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