Here are descriptions of the supported pay types and deductions in Online Payroll as well as how each impacts federal taxes and forms.

Taxability Types: Defined

Look at each item for a definition of how you can expect each item to affect your payroll tax reporting.

Deferred: Deduction tax exempt at time funds are withheld from wages and not taxed until the funds are withdrawn.

Exempt: Wages are exempt from tax and not included in tax calculation; deduction items are exempt from tax and reduce taxable wages (decreasing tax withheld)

Subject: Wages are taxable and reported as such on forms, but no additional tax is withheld on paycheck

Taxable: Wages or deduction items are fully taxed

Regular Wages: These are wages paid to employees either in fix amount or in hourly rate. Pay types such as allowance, commission, overtime, holiday pay, and other earning are also reported as regular wages in most tax forms.

Pay types

Health Insurance

Retirement Plans

Other Deductions & Contributions

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