Learn the basics about using GoPayment with the QuickBooks Online mobile app.

If you currently use GoPayment (and it's connected to QuickBooks Online on the web) you can use it with the QuickBooks mobile app. In this article, we'll share key points about using GoPayment and the mobile app.

    • If you're using the GoPayment reader, plug it into your device. Be sure the device volume is on the highest level.
    • If you don't have a reader, you can scan or key enter the credit card information into GoPayment.
    • GoPayment works with Visa, MasterCard, American Express (AMEX), and Discover cards (if your GoPayment account supports these).
    • Using GoPayment in the app saves you time because the payments get recorded directly in QuickBooks Online.
    • Payment credit card processing is turned on by default, but if you decide not to use it in our app:
      • Android:  Select the options button, then Settings, turn GoPayment OFF.
      • iPhone/iPad: From the main menu, select Settings, turn GoPayment OFF.
    • Payments you process with GoPayment through the app won't appear in the standalone GoPayment app.

To learn more about GoPayment or sign up for it, visit Intuit Merchant Services.