Our product is for freelancers, independent contractors, home-based entrepreneurs, and consultants. It's the right QuickBooks version for you if:

  • You use your bank accounts and credit cards for both business and personal spending. We make it easy for you to separate out your business finances.
  • You have business expenses and want to turn them into tax deductions to save money.
  • You need quick and easy invoices.
  • You need help calculating quarterly tax estimates and want help getting them paid.
  • You want filing annual taxes to be easier. We can send your Schedule C data directly to TurboTax to make filing simpler.  Or, you can take your Schedule C info to your accountant.

QuickBooks Online might be best for you if:

  • You are a business owner, not a sole proprietor (either C-corp, S-corp, Partnership, or multi-person LLC)
  • You have employees
  • You need estimates
  • You need to track inventory
  • You need bill pay or payroll

Still have questions? Let us know! Contact our support team.