Need more people managing the business with QuickBooks? Here’s the different versions of QuickBooks Online and the number of users they can allow simultaneous access for.

QuickBooks Online Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa India
EasyStart (or EasyStart) 1 user + 2 accountant users 1 user + 1 accountant user N/A
Essentials 3 users + 2 accountant users 3 users + 1 accountant user N/A
Plus 5 users + 2 accountant users 24 users + 1 accountant user 5 users + 2 accountant users
Advanced (US only) 25 Full Access users N/A N/A

To add a user:

  1. Select the Gear icon at the top.
  2. Under Your Company, select Manage Users.
  3. Select Add user. QuickBooks sends an email invite which the user needs to accept.

If you're a Master Administrator, learn how to add, delete, or change a user's access.