When starting QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale, the Database Connection wizard displays, but following the wizard steps does not open the company data file.

This issue may occur if:

  • Your firewall is blocking access to the company file.
  • Network settings are not properly configured.
  • Point of Sale is not installed correctly.
  • The regional settings in Windows is not correct.

Before troubleshooting:

  • Close all programs and turn your computer off for 15 seconds before turning it back on
  • Check for any loose network cables

If the issue persists, perform the solutions outlined below.

Solution 1: Restart the database manager from the server workstation

If QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale is running in the server workstation, close the program before performing these steps.

  1. From your Server workstation, select the Windows Start button and type Services.msc.
  2. Double-click the QBPOS Database Manager X (where x is the highest version you see).
  3. Go to the General tab and from the Startup type field, then select Automatic.
  4. Select Stop and Start button to restart the service status.
  5. Go to the Log On tab.
  6. Open Point of Sale from both Server and Client workstation.

Solution 2: Verify Point of Sale installation using QBPOS Connectivity troubleshooting tool

If the connection wizard does not complete properly, you will need to Download and use QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Connectivity Tool to resolve the issue. Among other information, this tool shows whether the installation of Point of Sale is a server or client installation. If it shows the installation to be a client installation and it should have been a server installation, Uninstall QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale and then reinstall it as a server.

If QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale was originally installed at this workstation as a server then uninstalled and reinstalled as a client, delete the WSActivity.xml file at this workstation:

  1. With Point of Sale closed, search for WSActivity.xml. Refer to Point of Sale file and folder locations for details.
  2. Rename the WSActivity.xml file and open Point of Sale.

Solution 3: Ensure that Windows regional settings are correct

  1. Select the Windows Start button and choose Control Panel.
  2. Open Regional and Language Options (Region and Language in Windows 7).
  3. Go to the Languages tab, then select Details.
  4. Ensure that English (United States) -US is selected and choose OK.
  5. Choose OK again and close the control panel.
  6. Open Point of Sale.

Solution 4: Rename the POS company file

  1. Close Point of Sale.
  2. Select the Windows Start button, type Services.msc, then press Enter.
  3. Right-click QBPOS Database Manager X (where X is the highest number listed) and choose Stop. Leave this window open.
  4. Right-click the Windows Start button and choose Open Windows Explorer
  5. Navigate to the data folder: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale X\Data
  6. Right-click the folder that matches your company name and choose Rename.
  7. Enter an X before the name and press Enter. Close the window.
  8. Return to the Services window, right-click QBPOS Database Manager X and choose Start.
  9. Open Point of Sale, select your renamed company file and try to open it.

If the file opens correctly, you can name it back to the original company name. To do this, go to the File menu and select Company Operations > Rename company.