The following changes, improvements, and fixes were made to QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 12. Later releases (ones with higher numbers) include all changes in earlier releases.

Unless otherwise noted, these changes apply to all editions of Point of Sale -- Point of Sale Basic, Point of Sale Pro, and Point of Sale Multi-Store.

Release 17 (R17)

  • An EMV Debit preference is now available and enabled by default, making it easier to process chip debit cards.
Mobile Sync
  • After performing a mobile sync, items that are non-taxable will no longer appear as taxed in POS.
  • Resolved Bad Request and Receipt syncing errors.
  • Resolved issues with syncing images.

Release 16 (R16)

  • An Access Violation message will no longer display when recording an offline credit card transaction.
  • Transactions that fail EMV processing in GoPayment, will not be used for mobile sync as they are a failed transaction.
  • Point of Sale will now be able to take in additional Cardholder Verification Methods (CVMs) like PIN to our existing CVMs, like signature capture.
  • Simplified the Gift Card service activation using single-click option in the Setup Interview tab for Gift Cards.
  • Enhanced security with QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale V12.0 with strict compliance for TLS 1.2
  • Point of Sale will now update a database seamlessly without error 195.
  • Freezing will no longer happen for large database company files resulting in a "Point of Sale got stuck" message.
Sales, Purchasing and Items
  • When performing a mobile sync, items with a non-taxable tax code will no longer set to a taxable tax code.
  • When importing items, Reorder Point values will now import correctly.
  • POS will now reflect the requested filter results correctly when a user switches the filter options with customer order transactions.
  • Point of Sale will now print the correct Sales Order after changing the status of a Sales Order.
  • Point of Sale will now show the correct available quantity and the status of Sales Order.
  • Point of Sale will now be able to display correct order quantity after modifying the bill to/ship to address on a Purchase Order.

Release 15 (R15)

  • A known issue was fixed which will prevent Point of Sale from freezing during login.
Sales, Purchasing and Items
  • Point of Sale will no longer cause a delay when choosing customers with large history on the "Make a Sale" screen as well as "Edit Customer" screen. The history section in the "Edit Customer" screen will now show the recent 100 transactions. For the entire transaction history, users can go to "Reports" or "Sales History" to get the full history of the customer.
  • Editing a sales order will no longer cause an issue with incorrect calculations on the available quantity of inventory.
  • Customer history will now show the most recent 100 transactions. More customer history can be found under the Reports menu.

Release 14 (R14)

  • Resolved an issue where processing credit cards would not function completely due to Point of Sale not being run as Admin in Windows.
  • Resolved an issue when signing into Merchant Services login without an email login.
Sales, Purchasing and Items
  • Point of Sale will no longer freeze when taking a deposit for a Sales Order.
  • Resolved an issue where reorder points did not create purchase order.
  • Resolved the delay when opening the Make a Sale screen.
  • There is no longer a delay when editing a customer with large historical data.
  • Adding a customer to a receipt will no longer cause a delay when adding that customer.
Employees and Security
  • Manager Override dialog now displays only users with correct permission.

Release 13 (R13)

What's important about Release 13?

Point of Sale is introducing changes to the security of your merchant services that will require authentication of your payments account periodically. This increase in security is the current industry standard. For more information on this please see our detailed article on the changes.

  • Point of Sale is increasing security around your merchant account to meet the current industry standards. You will now be required to verify your credentials periodically to keep your merchant account secure.
Sales, Purchasing and Items
  • Associates and Assistant Managers will no longer see Cost listed as Price when searching for or scanning an item onto a Sales Receipt, in Quick Pick Items or Receiving Voucher.
  • Filters set for Quick Pick Items will remain in place after making edits to any Quick Pick Items.

Release 12 (R12)

  • Updated links to Install hardware drivers & to find local help in your area for your business.
  • Updated links for the new support & help for QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale.

Release 11 (R11)

  • You can now create an email campaign from within Point of Sale using Constant Contact.
  • The User ID field on the payments login tab will be disabled when user credentials have expired. You will be prompted to verify your credentials again once this happens. If the User ID needs to be changed, Point of Sale will provide messaging with instructions on how to do so.
  • The Point of Sale Audit log will show credit card approvals correctly when using the EMV PIN pad to process.
  • Point of Sale now has additional security around CVV (Card Verification Value) validation.
Sales, Purchasing and Items
  • "Expiry Date" will no longer show on Sales Receipts paid for with cash.
  • When attempting to edit multiple vouchers with the same Purchase Order number simultaneously, Point of Sale will return messaging advising that only one voucher with the same Purchase Order number can be edited at a time.
  • In product help has been updated to reflect that the credit card expiration date is masked on printed receipts
Reports and Printing
  • When printing a report while using the Graph View, the print preview will now match any changes made to the report and the graph will be aligned properly.
  • The Reorder Items report will now update when the Ship To field has been updated.
Financial Exchange
  • The ‘Open in QuickBooks’ option will only be available for a customer once the customer has been created and saved.

Release 10 (R10)

  • Third party applications will now easily connect to the Point of Sale database.
  • Point of Sale logic updated when processing credit cards.

Release 9 (R9)

  • Point of Sale will no longer display Error 1706 while applying an update for the software.
  • Point of Sale will no longer show a merchant account upgrade window, which would get stuck when upgrading to Point of Sale 12.0.
  • A transaction that was approved on the Server, will no longer possibly void on a Workstation.
  • Point of Sale will now mask the expiration date of credit cards on printed receipts.
  • Update to .Net framework 4.6.
  • Processing a Return via EMV Chip reader will no longer result in a Decline message.
  • A decline message will no longer appear for a small subset of Discover EMV chip cards when swiped used in Point of Sale.
  • Point of Sale will no longer possibly freeze when processing an EMV transaction, which required a force close of Point of Sale.
Sales, Purchasing and Items
  • Point of Sale will no longer access a different customer Sales Order when accessing a Sales Order from the customer edit screen.

Release 8 (R8)

  • The EMV-Ready IPP350 PIN pad will no longer connect and disconnect to systems running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 causing the system to beep continuously as a result.

Release 7 (R7)

  • Point of Sale will no longer return to the Company Operations window while trying to open a data file while operating on Windows 10
  • The message 'Sorry, QuickBooks Point of Sale got stuck...' will no longer be returned on the start up of Point of Sale.
  • Point of Sale will no longer return duplicate entries while searching the Item or Customer list as a result of the error message 'Sorry, QuickBooks Point of Sale got stuck...' being returned when opening Point of Sale.
  • Point of Sale will no longer freeze upon start up when received as a result of the error message 'Sorry, QuickBooks Point of Sale got stuck...' being returned when opening Point of Sale.

Release 6 (R6)

  • All lists will now populate completely upon opening when Point of Sale 12.0 is installed on the Windows 10 Operating System
  • Point of Sale will no longer time out after four or more hours of inactivity
  • Point of Sale 12.0 is now EMV ready when used in conjunction with the Ingenico EMV-ready IPP350 PIN Pad. To be fully EMV ready, 12.0 must be updated to the latest release (R6) and used with the Ingenico EMV-ready IPP350 PIN Pad.
  • An incorrect authorization code of "**" will no longer be returned when attempting to authorize a credit card. Authorization codes will now only be returned as a series of numbers to ensure the transaction was successfully authorized.
Sales, Purchasing and Items
  • The Item Description for Customer Orders will not longer truncate after saving the order and reopening at a later time.

Release 5 (R5)

  • Updated sign up/sign in flows at all points where an Intuit service is accessed.
  • If client workstations are open when accessing Company Operations from the file menu on the server, a message will now advise that other workstations are still connected to the currently open data file.
  • Voice Authorization numbers have been updated to reflect the change to Chase Paymentech.
Sales, Purchasing and Items
  • The number of credit card transactions will now be displayed on the credit button in the 'Make a Sale' screen.
  • Group and Assembly items can now be edited.
  • Search results while searching in Inventory List will now be retained after sorting search results.
  • When scanning an item while on the Home Page and placing it on a Sales Receipt, the cursor will now return to the 'scan and enter items' field so that additional items can be added to the receipt.
  • Point of Sale will no longer hang when settled transactions are being reversed.
  • Items that are ready to be reordered will now show correctly in the Reminders and Suggested POS lists.
  • Non-Inventory item quantities can now be changed in list edit.
  • Point of Sale will now auto-complete the Vendor's name when adding new Vendors by looking up Vendors in the D & B database.
  • Point of Sale now has a new Company Preference available to disallow customers from returning the same items on a sales receipt multiple times.
  • "List index out of bounds" error will no longer be returned when updating the discount, freights or fee on a Receiving Voucher.

Release 4 (R4)

  • The company file will be upgraded to a more reliable and faster Database,this process can take some extra time when you open the file for the first time in after installing R4
  • Selecting "Close all windows" from the Windows menu no longer causes Point of Sale to hang in a Client-Server setup.
  • CTRL+Tab function to switch between windows is now enhanced to navigate between more windows across old and new user interfaces
  • Audit Log window will now be included in the CTRL+Tab feature and can be used to toggle between other open windows and the Audit Log
  • The Preferences will now reflect the currently supported versions of QuickBooks Financial
  • Shift+Tab (Tabbing while holding the Shift key) functionality will now work in the Sales Receipt, Receiving Voucher and other screens
  • 'I Want To' menu on the 'Make a Sale' screen will now show correct options when using the Tab key to navigate to 'I Want To' menu
  • CTRL+Tab will now work when Dashboard is open
  • A Warning will now appear advising that the current data will be overridden when restoring a file from a backup
  • Link to apply for an Intuit Payments Account is now available on the Payments tab of the Setup Interview for customers that are not using Intuit Payments to process credit and debit cards
Sales, Purchasing and Items
  • Total amount due and the total quantity will now show the correct values on ‘Make a Sale’ screen when item being sold is having decimal quantity.
  • Point of Sale will no longer hang when clicking any button such as 'Make a Sale' while editing columns on lists such as the Item or Customer list when using the list edit feature
  • The number of items has been added and will now show in the Return Item only when there is a return item on Sales Receipts and Receiving Vouchers
  • 'Sorry, QuickBooks Point of Sale got stuck...' error will no longer display when deleting more than fifty held documents and opening the Make a Sale screen
  • When sorting ‘Item list’ by a column other than the ‘Item name’, all rows for the same value of that field will now be sorted by the item name
  • Printed receipts will now appear in the same sorted order as in the user interface
  • ‘Make a Sale’ screen will no longer hang if a held receipt is opened at one workstation and the same is deleted at another workstation from ‘Held Receipts’ screen in a Client-Server set up.
  • Editing promo codes from ‘Sales History’ screen for multiple sales receipts at a time, will not make ‘Add/Edit Promo Code/Notes’ functionality unresponsive.
  • Vendor history will now open the selected document
  • Open Sales Order list will now display open Sales Orders instead of all Sales Orders when accessed from the Home Page
  • The Inactive Vendor Label will now display in the Vendor settings widget
Reports and Printing
  • Search Item field now works on Item List Report
Multi-Store Functionality
  • In progress state of Physical Inventory will now be captured in CTRL+Tab for Multi-Store setup
  • Transfer Slips will now display correct count in statistics widget of Item Details
Financial Exchange
  • Financial Exchange with QuickBooks will not throw error while syncing Credit and Debit card transactions, if the Payments login is not done in QuickBooks
  • FAQ link in Financial Center is now working properly
  • Financial Exchange "How does POS work with QuickBooks" link is now working properly
Mobile Sync
  • Non-taxable sales can now be created in GoPayment and synced with Point of Sale without creating negative sales tax in Sales Tax preferences in Point of Sale
    • This will also allow these receipts to sync with QuickBooks Financial without causing an Unbalanced Payment error in the Financial Exchange


This notice is provided as a convenience for our customers and is not intended to supplement, modify, or extend the Intuit software license agreement between Intuit and the customer for any Intuit product or service.

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