You can update your Legal/Tax Address with Quickbooks Desktop Payroll Assisted by completing the form below and faxing it to Intuit. This form is also available for download, in your QuickBooks Billing/Bank Account Information screen.

Note that you must also submit your legal address change to the IRS using form 8822b.


Note: Important: Intuit will NOT change your legal address with the IRS. You must submit the change directly to the IRS using form 8822b. On the form 8822b, look for the section titled Where To File for the IRS Center address that applies to you.

To change your legal address:

  1. View and print IRS Form 8822b.  Please note, The 8822b is required in order to change both the legal and shipping address with Intuit. However, if you only need to update your legal address, we will also accept an IRS letter showing an update to the company’s legal address.
  2. Need help completing the form?

    Form 8822b instructions:

    • Line 6 = New legal address
    • Line 7 = New mailing/shipping address

  3. Complete, sign and date the form.
  4. Click to create a case and upload your completed and signed form to Intuit. Follow the on-screen instructions. You can mail a copy of the form 8822b to Intuit at this address:
    Intuit Inc.
    Attn: Account Maintenance Department
    PO Box 30005
    Reno, NV 89520-3005

Note: Follow up with your state and local tax agencies to make the legal address change to your payroll tax accounts.

Completion Time: Our goal is to process and complete your request in our system within five business days of receiving Form 8822b. A payroll representative will contact you if we need more information to complete your request.

The Account Maintenance is worked from 7am-3pm PT.

Update QuickBooks Desktop: The first time you send payroll after the change is processed, the legal address in your QuickBooks Desktop will update.

You can update the Contact Name and Address in QuickBooks  by clicking My Company > Company Info > Edit, however this will not affect your legal address or shipping address.  That will need to be updated by Intuit via the 8822B form.