Error 108 means there's a message on your bank's website that requires you to take action. Some examples are:

  • New terms of service
  • A special offer
  • An announcement regarding maintenance or other site changes

To resolve the error, sign in to your bank's website and work through any messages that require a response from you. Make sure all messages are gone, and then attempt a bank update by clicking the Reconnect button on the Bank Accounts page in our application.

You might not see messages at your bank's website if you turned on pop-up blockers. You can suppress blockers temporarily by holding down the CTRL key while the page is loading.

Helpful notes:

Bank of America customers will need to contact B of A and ask to be enrolled in Account Management. Once enrolled, you'll be able to see the messages you need to acknowledge (for example, accepting Terms of Service). If you aren't enrolled, you won't see the messages that are blocking your access to download transactions into our product.

For Fifth Third Bank customers, please sign in to their site using an unrecognised computer and set up new security features when prompted. Then perform a manual update (Refresh all) on the Bank Accounts page in our product.