When you have transactions to review from your bank or credit card, go to the Transactions tab from the main menu in the upper right. Swipe left (Business) or right (Personal) on each transaction to categorise. If the transaction is a mix of both types, tap the transaction and select Split.

When you mark an expense as business, we try to assign the expense to the correct business category. You can change it yourself, however, by just tapping the blue field that appears right after you swipe the transaction left.

Tip: You can quickly manage your transactions by applying rules to repeating expenses. See create and manage rules in the mobile app.

Editing a transaction you already reviewed

  1. Tap Reviewed at the top of the Transactions tab.
  2. Tap the transaction you wish to change.
  3. Tap the current category to pull up the list of categories, or select Personal if you wish to change it to a personal transaction (do the same to change a personal transaction to a business one).
  4. Select the new category.

Tip! You can sort and view reviewed transactions by account, date (default), type (income or expense), or supplier. To sort, tap the down arrow at the top of the Transactions tab, next to the plus sign (+).

To make sure a transaction isn't counted twice (example: account transfers or credit card payments), mark it as a Business Transfer.

To get additional support or ask any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

iOS: Tap the cogwheel and select Help & FAQ.
Android: Tap the overflow menu and select Support.