Your shopping cart provider will ask for your AppID, an AppLogin and/or a connection ticket. Note that they’re the ones fully responsible for putting in those information on your Web store.

Here are some of shopping cart providers known to be compatible with our payments services. Please contact them for more information.

To view all compatible stores please visit,

For technical assistance in creating or configuring an eCommerce API, visit our Intuit Developer Group website.


  • Only one payments account connection can be made to an individual shopping cart/web-store. Multiple payments accounts are required for multiple shopping cart/web-store connections.
  • The Intuit Developer Group website currently supports newer versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • If an error occurs after certain changes to the steps below are made, logging out and clearing the browser cache may be required.
  1. Confirm that you have a valid payments account. If it is PTS/SPA account please move to step 2.

    If you do not have an account:

    If you already have an account:

    1. Sign in to online service center using your payments account user ID and password. Please contact QuickBooks Payments services at (800) 558-9558 if you encounter any difficulties.
    2. Select the blue Account tab, select Processing Information from the drop-down menu.
    3. Make sure Process with Web Store is turned ON.
    4. If you made any changes on this page, select Submit Changes.

    Important: If you do NOT see any of these options, your Web Store option was defaulted to ON.  Proceed to Step 2.

  2. Log in to Intuit Developer Group.

    1. Navigate to
      Note: The Intuit Developer Group website currently supports Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. If you experience technical issues such as screens and images not loading, clear cache and cookies or try on a different web browser.
    2. From the top menu, select Log In and enter your Intuit Payments Email or User ID and Password.
      • Make sure this is the log in for your E-commerce account.
      • If you do not have an E-commerce account, choose Create an account.
  3. Register an App

    1. Once you sign in, you will be taken to your account's page. From the top right, select Create New App.
      Note: At this point the merchant may have to verify the email address for confirmation and security if this is their first time logging in to the partner platform.
    2. From the Just Start Coding section, choose Select APIs.
    3. A pop-up window appears. Click Create a QBMS payments app.
      Important: The App Login, App ID and Connection ticket are used in the eCommerce processing of transactions and MUST be kept confidential. This information should be used in the steps listed ONLY and not provided to anyone.
    4. Fill out the registration form.
      • Application Type: Select Desktop.
      • Environment: Select Production.
      • Application Name: Enter a unique name for your application. This can be seen by the customers - e.g Credit Card Processing
      • Application Identifier: This is used to identify the application, and may not contain spaces. Enter a unique version to ease identification. - e.g. qbms1, qbms2, qbms3, etc.
      • Domain: Enter your website domain - e.g.
        The Domain and the Application Identifier are used to generate the App Login.
        Important: The resulting App Login must be unique or the following error will occur: Duplicate Application Registration: there is already an application with this AppLogin.
        If this happens, the above steps will need to be repeated using a new, unique Application identifier to resolve this problem.
    5. Select Create App to continue.
    6. On the results page, you will see your App ID and App Login. Take note of these for the next steps:
  4. Create the connection ticket.

    1. On your web browser, paste: DO NOT press Enter or click Go yet.
    2. From the link above, find the APP_ID and replace with your actual App ID from Step 3.
    3. Press Enter.
      Note: It is recommended to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when accessing this website. If you experience issues while logging in using any browser, try a different browser first with the same link.
    4. Log in with your payments account information.
    5. If you get to the Companies page, choose the payments account for the company you would like to use.
    6. You may reach the page asking if you would like to have Secure Login, for this option you need to select No. If you select Yes you will have to sign in every time you process and most Web store Interfaces do not allow this feature.
    7. You will reach at a Congratulations! page. This page displays your Connection Ticket. Take note of this information for future reference.

    Note: Once you have copied down the connection ticket, sign out of this page. This ensures the connection ticket is activated. This connection ticket will be added to your shopping cart to allow payments processing. Each shopping cart provider is unique so be sure to reach to them for any additional information.

    Important: Make sure to logout of the Merchant Account website after you generated the connection ticket, as the connection tickets won’t become active until you hit “Logout” on the page where they are generated. This often causes confusion when the merchant is still logged into the “create a connection ticket” website and is attempting to process from their shopping cart. The connection ticket won’t be active yet, and the payment will get an error.