Enter your company information

  1. Click the Setup tab.
  2. From Payroll and Services, under Payroll, click Direct Deposit.
  3. Click Yes! Let's get started.
  4. On the Employer Bank Account page, enter:
    • your bank's routing number
    • your account number
    • principal officer information*
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Click Confirm if your bank information is correct, or click Back to make corrections.
  7. After you confirm your bank information, you'll see your direct deposit status. Usually, it is "Waiting for approval" at this point, and you can return to this page to check the status.
  8. If you have your employees' information ready, you can start setting up employees.

You will be able to pay by direct deposit once we verify your account information. We verify your account by asking you to confirm a test deposit.

*The principal officer is the main contract person for the bank account you use to make electronic payments (including direct deposit) for your company.

Federal law requires that we store and verify information about the principal officer to help prevent money laundering and the funding of terrorist activity. Any errors or omissions will delay e-file and e-pay enrollment.

You cannot make any electronic payments (for taxes or direct deposit) until information about the principal officer has been verified.